2023 Korean Broadcasting Media User Behavior Survey released by KCC

2023 Korean Broadcasting Media User Behavior Survey released by KCC Economy

KCC (Korea Communication Commission) announced the 2023 Korean Broadcasting Media User Behavior Survey, Over-The-Top (OTT) service use rate increased by 5%p year-on-year to 77.0%, and the smartphone adoption rate of the elderly continues to increase (96.2% in their 60s, 66.5% in their 70s and older)

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC, Acting Chairman Lee Sang-in) announced the results of the 2023 Broadcasting Media Use Behavior Survey on December 28. The survey was conducted from June to August 2023 by visiting and interviewing 7,055 men and women aged 13 or older living in 4,633 households across the country.

The main takeaways of this year’s survey results are as follows:

The smartphone adoption rate increasing in the elderly

The smartphone penetration rate increased by 1.4% year-on-year to 94.8% (93.4% in 2022 to 94.8% in 2023). Among individuals aged from teenagers to their 50s, the penetration rate has surpassed 99%, indicating saturation. For individuals in their 60s, the rate is 96.2%, showing a 2.4%p increase, while those aged 70 and over have a rate of 66.5%, reflecting a notable 7.3%p year-on-year increase. This suggests a continual expansion of smartphone usage to older age groups.

Smartphones are essential media in daily life

The most necessary media in daily life was smartphones by 70.0% and TV by 27.2% of the respondents, similar to the previous year, and recognition rates for desktops, laptops, radios, and newspapers as essential media remained low, at less than 2%, and were consistent with the previous year.

By age, more than 90% of teenagers (95.5%) and those in their 20s (91.6%) chose smartphones as essential media, while those in their 60s showed a continuous increase at 48.0%.

Frequency of media use

The percentage of using TV sets for more than five days a week was 71.4%, down from the previous year (75.5%), and the smartphone usage rate was 91.4%, maintaining more than 90%. The younger the age, the higher the frequency of smartphone usage, while the higher the age, the greater the frequency of TV usage. The rate of TV use among those in their 20s and 30s decreased significantly compared to the previous year. (41.4% to 29.8% in their 20s and 67.8% to 55.2% in their 30s)

Increased use of OTT service

The use rate of OTT service was 77.0%, up 5.0%p, from the previous year (72.0%). By age, the lower the age, the higher the use rate of OTT service, with those in their 20s (97.8%) and teenagers (97.6%).

Smartphones (86.3%) were the predominant device for using OTT services, and the use of TV sets increased significantly (5.9%p) compared to the previous year (16.2%). The most frequently used OTT service was YouTube 71.0%, followed by Netflix 35.7%, TVing 9.1%, and Coupang Play 6.3%.

The 2023 Broadcasting Media Use Behavior Survey will be accessible through the KCC website (kcc.go.kr) and the MEDIASTAT website (mediastat.or.kr). The microdata on the survey will also be made available on the MEDIASTAT website, enabling easy download and use for all citizens.

Reference: KCC


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