SK to Showcase World-Class AI and Clean Technologies at CES 2024

SK to Showcase World-Class AI and Clean Technologies at CES 2024 Enterprise

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SK Wonderland at CES is a whimsical theme park, showing the real-world technologies – from semiconductors for AI to EV batteries and materials – that can be implemented today to create a smarter, more sustainable world.
  • Magic Carpet Ride in a flying vehicle embedded with an AI
    processor that helps it navigate dense, urban areas – reducing
    pollution, congestion and commuting frustrations
  • AI Fortune
    Teller powered by next-generation memory technologies that can help
    computers analyze and learn from massive amounts of data to predict the
  • Dancing Car that’s fully electric, able to recharge in 20 minutes or less and built to travel hundreds of miles between charges
  • Clean Energy Train that’s capable of being powered by hydrogen, whose only emission is water
  • Rainbow Tube that shows how plastics are finding a new life through a technology that turns waste into fuel
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SK Group is showcasing this week at CES 2024 the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence and clean technologies. Pictured above is the “Wonder Globe,” a stunning display at the center of the SK Wonderland theme park concept at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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The AI Fortune Teller at SK Wonderland showcases how advanced AI technologies are powered by high-bandwidth memory technology from SK hynix.

Source: SK Group Newsroom, Link


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