Global Brand Transition Strategy Announced by Doosan Bobcat

Global Brand Transition Strategy Announced by Doosan Bobcat Enterprise

– Region-specific branding strategies create business and growth opportunities for the Doosan Bobcat product portfolio

Doosan Bobcat announced on March 24 it will transition its brand strategy by reorganizing the company’s brand portfolio by region, with emphasis on the North American and European markets.

This transition strategy will rebrand Doosan Industrial Vehicle’s material handling equipment, including forklifts; and Doosan Portable Power’s products, such as portable generators and light towers. Doosan Bobcat plans to apply the Bobcat brand to these products in regions where the Bobcat brand is well recognized.

Doosan Bobcat has successfully applied its Bobcat brand to new product lines in recent years, which has contributed to the company’s overall business growth.

Even with these transitions in select regions, the Doosan brand will maintain its presence in other regions where it has stronger brand recognition, such as the domestic market. For example, the Doosan brand will be retained for Doosan Industrial Vehicle’s material handling and forklift equipment in China, India and Southeast Asia.

“Re-establishing our brand strategy will enhance our brand power and increase efficiencies throughout our global operations. Doosan Bobcat will strengthen its competitiveness by carrying out sales strategies tailored to each region where the Doosan and Bobcat brands each have strengths,” said an official of Doosan Bobcat.

Doosan Bobcat unveils its new Bobcat-branded portable power and material handling products at key trade shows in March and April.

The rebranded portable power products were shown at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. The rebranded material handling products were shown at ProMat 2023 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., and will be shown at LogiMAT in Germany in April. These rebranded machines will be available at a later date, with more information forthcoming.

Another booth highlight was the company’s newest hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklift concept. The hydrogen fuel cell forklift is under development with Plug (formerly Plug Power). As fuel cell forklifts have already been commercialized, especially in large logistics warehouses, many attendees showed their interest in the equipment.

▲Doosan Bobcat participated in ‘Promat 2023’ and introduced Doosan Industrial Vehicle’s material handling equipment and Bobcat branded forklifts for the first time.

Source: Doosan Press Release


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