SK Group’s New Whitepaper: AI Can Help Build Green Energy Grid and Power EV Revolution

SK Group’s New Whitepaper: AI Can Help Build Green Energy Grid and Power EV Revolution Enterprise

NEW YORK, March 28, 2023 — SK Group, a global leader in energy solutions, has released a new whitepaper, titled Is the Grid Ready for Our Electric Future?,’ that explores sustainable solutions to enhance the performance of the United States’ electric grid and accelerate the transition to net zero.

In the shift to cleaner forms of energy, the world increasingly relies on electricity for everything from powering our cars to heating our homes. Intermittent sources of energy, such as solar and wind, also are becoming more important to reduce greenhouse gases while meeting new energy demands, including the rapid growth of electric vehicles.

The whitepaper discusses the challenges and opportunities that will arise from the broad adoption of sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, the paper identifies how companies like PassKey, a subsidiary of SK E&S, are focused on the energy transition and are supporting the evolution to a more sustainable and reliable future.

“The move to new energy sources will deliver tremendous benefits to society, but we need practical alternatives that optimize the grid to distribute the ever-growing loads of renewable energy,” said Jeong Joon Yu, SK Group Vice Chairman and PassKey CEO. “We need to bring new innovations to market, using technologies such as power storage and artificial intelligence, that create a new grid built for the wide-spread adoption of clean energy and EVs.”

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Driving Long-Term Solutions

The whitepaper highlights how AI, combined with reliable power storage, can upgrade the current grid to transport energy more efficiently and reliably from renewable sources.

PassKey is one company working on AI-powered solutions to help solve these energy challenges. The company powers Energy Storage Systems (ESS) with AI to predict supply and demand, and optimize the distribution of electricity by intelligently delivering power where and when it’s needed. By predicting the best times to offload and store power from renewables, Passkey ensures EV fleets can recharge their batteries without overstressing the grid.

SK Group Advancing the Transition to Net Zero

PassKey and SK E&S are both part of SK Group, South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate. SK Group is investing billions of dollars globally in clean energy through its companies and has pledged to cut 200 million tons of carbon emissions in 2030, or 1% of global carbon reduction targets.

For more on the solutions needed to support the clean energy transition, download the whitepaper

Source: SK Inc. Newsroom, Link


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