Kia Hands Over Operation of Thriving Green Light Project to Local Ghanaian Government

Kia Hands Over Operation of Thriving Green Light Project to Local Ghanaian Government Enterprise

  • Kia concludes Green Light Project operation in Ghana after five years of providing support to improve public health in the Fanteakwa district
  • Ghana is the 12th base where Kia has successfully transferred operation of the project to local community to foster social and economic development
  • Kia intends to oversee the center’s operations for the next two years while also establishing new GLP bases in Africa and Southern Europe this year

Kia Corporation has announced the successful completion and transfer of its community support Green Light Project (GLP) in Ghana, aiming to improve local communities’ public health. Ghana has become the 12th base, where Kia’s GLP has finalized the local transfer of the operation.

For the past five years, Kia has been actively involved in the Fanteakwa district in southern Ghana, addressing maternal and child health and improving public health conditions by establishing healthcare services and health education programs within local communities.

As one of the poorest areas in Ghana, the district has suffered from poor medical infrastructure and a lack of healthcare facilities for children and mothers. In collaboration with World Vision, Kia’s GLP operation has significantly enhanced public health and reduced illnesses among infants and young children.

“This remarkable success further underscores Kia’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development and our earnest efforts to make a positive difference in communities around the globe, said Duk Hyun Lee, Head of Sustainability Management Group at Kia. “We are determined to establish a virtuous economic cycle that nurtures long-term sustainability by actively supporting impactful social contribution projects.”

Even after the handover of its GLP operation to the local government, Kia will continue to monitor the center’s operations for the next two years to ensure stability and a smooth running of processes.

Kia also plans to establish three new GLP bases in Africa and Southern Europe this year to support the well-being of future generations. The company aims to continuously work with underdeveloped communities to improve economic and social conditions to help citizens achieve greater self-reliance.

Since 2012, Kia has made significant commitments through the GLP in 12 different locations across nine countries in Africa and Asia. As a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, the project focuses on providing tangible assistance to developing countries, creating a solid foundation that aids local communities in achieving self-sufficiency and self-determination.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the GLP initiative and to evaluate its impact, Kia conducted a performance assessment of the GLP operations in 11 African regions. The results showed that the program had benefited approximately 920,000 individuals over the past ten years.

Notably, the vocational training centers in GLP bases achieved a professional certification rate of 97.4 percent among its graduates, contributing to positive transformations in the beneficiaries’ growth and self-reliance capabilities.

In addition to its involvement in the ‘Green Light Project’, Kia has also been actively engaged in the ‘Green Trip’ project, another CSR initiative to improve mobility solutions for people with disabilities in Korea. By providing vehicles and mobility services to them, Kia has enabled the safe and accessible transportation of around 75,000 individuals over the past 11 years.

Source: Kia Media Center


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