Experience the Samsung Food at IFA 2023 – Your Ultimate Personalized Cooking Assistant

Experience the Samsung Food at IFA 2023 – Your Ultimate Personalized Cooking Assistant Enterprise

Experimenting in the kitchen is hugely rewarding. There is, however, a lot to think about. What do you do with all those enticing recipes you’ve got open in dozens of tabs? How do you keep track of what’s in your cupboards? Where do you start when preparing a completely new dish?


If these obstacles are ringing any bells, Samsung has the perfect app for you: Samsung Food. Officially launching on August 31 in 104 countries and available in eight languages, Samsung Food is a comprehensive, AI-powered food management platform that helps curious home chefs every step of the way, from shopping list to dinner table. Featuring more than 160,000 recipes, the new All-in-one service lets you discover, save and ‘bespoke’ your recipes, monitor and control your kitchen appliances remotely and share your favorite dishes with the world. At IFA 2023 in Berlin, from September 1 to 5, visitors are getting hands-on with the new service demo at the Samsung booth and discovering first-hand the possibilities Samsung Food opens up for cooking in the home.


Whether you’re a long-time foodie, an adventurous vegan or a rookie cook, read on to learn more about this pocket-sized personalized cooking assistant that makes your culinary lifestyle more seamless and convenient than ever.


▲ Visitors learn about Samsung Food at a presentation at Samsung’s Booth at IFA 2023.



Novice Cook? Vegan? Health Enthusiast? Samsung Food’s Deep BESPOKE Options Have Something for Everyone

Our food preferences are a big part of how we live and express ourselves, and Samsung Food is all about personalization. With Samsung Food, each user gets their own unique digital recipe box. Whether you’re trawling the web for your next masterpiece or digging through old family cookbooks, new recipes can be saved directly from the web or created from scratch.


But there’s more. From here, by using the Personalize Recipe function, Samsung Food can automatically adjust recipes to meet a whole host of customization needs. Vegan? Healthier Food? No problem. Recipes can be converted automatically into plant-based or well-balanced versions complete with ingredient alternatives. Need something simpler or quicker to prepare? In just a tap, the app can simplify the process for you or trim the cook time. The app can even adapt a recipe to make it more nutritionally balanced, turn ingredients sections into shopping lists or create fusion dishes an Italian dish with a Korean twist, for example.


▲ ”BESPOKE” a recipe: Change recipes as you want with the personalize recipe function, whether you want it vegan or easier to cook


Samsung Food is to become even better for Galaxy users. In the near future, Samsung Food will be able to work with Samsung Health to create tailored meal recommendations based on factors like BMI, body composition and calorie consumption goals, helping you smash those personal targets while maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet.



Discover New Recipes in Just a Snap and Connect Your Whole Kitchen

Let’s say you’re in a new restaurant and you order something daring that you’ve never eaten before. The meal looks delicious when it arrives, but attempting it at home yourself is out of the question, right? Thanks to Vision AI technology,1 Samsung Food can recognize dishes based on images alone. All you need to do is snap a quick photo with your smartphone camera, and Samsung Food can identify the dish, tell you about the ingredients, provide links to related recipes and save the recipe to your personal collection.


Vision AI also recognizes ingredients so you can find recipes you can make with what’s left in your fridge.


▲ Scan your food: Vision AI helps you find a wide variety of recipes by taking a picture of food or ingredients


To make trying new things at home a breeze, Samsung Food connects a wide range of Samsung home appliances for maximum support during the cooking process. Saved recipes are all synched and viewable across everything including app and the touchscreen of Bespoke Family Hub refrigerators, and you can even send cook settings straight from a saved recipe to Samsung kitchen appliances. The app lets you set timers, preheat ovens and monitor a dish’s progress as it cooks, all from your mobile devices or the Family Hub refrigerators.


▲ Sync with appliances: Send recipe instructions to your Samsung appliances to get them ready to cook



Calling All Foodies: Social and Sharing Features for Dedicated Food Lovers

When you finally master that perfect brownie recipe, you want to sing it from the rooftops. With Samsung Food, users can engage with a global community of fellow food fanatics. By sharing their favorite discoveries and publishing their own creations, users organically grow the Samsung Food database and make sure no one misses out on their next signature dish.


▲ Share your recipes1,2: Upload personal recipes to communities and other users so they can try out your very own creations


Users can also follow each other on the app and find their favorite content creators’ Samsung Food accounts on their respective social media pages. Community members can even set up their own dedicated groups for likeminded users to join, whether it’s Dairy-free Bakers, Tex-Mex Lovers or Healthy Eaters.


▲ Discover creators: Find creators that appeal to your tastes and explore new possibilities for your cooking pleasure


With its wide range of comprehensive features and advanced AI tech, Samsung Food brings new levels of customization and convenience to the kitchen. With even more features set to roll out in the future, keep an eye on the Samsung Newsroom for more and, if you’re in Berlin, be sure to swing by Samsung’s IFA 2023 booth! To download Samsung Food on any smartphone platform, please visit https://get.samsungfood.com/download.



1 Samsung Food’s food recognition feature based on Vision AI technology will be introduced in 2024.

Source: POSCO Holdings Inc Press Release


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