U2U Wallet – Securely and safely store while interacting with supported cross-chain DApps

U2U wallet Press Release

A secure cryptocurrency wallet is essential for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency market and blockchain industry. It is like software that enables owners to send and receive digital assets. In fact, a person can have many different coins and tokens, while some wallets only support certain of them.

On the other hand, the growth of decentralized applications (DApps), NFT, and Web3 requires a cryptocurrency wallet that allows more access and exploration to digital asset collections in one place rather than fragmentation for storing on multi-platforms.

U2U Wallet can be the chosen solution for all the above requirements.

What is a U2U Wallet?

U2U Wallet is a decentralized and multi-cryptocurrency wallet application that enables users to access and secure their digital assets. U2U Wallet aims to help everyone easily to buy, send, receive, stake, trade, and store cryptocurrencies.

U2U Wallet supports multi-chain, so the owner can store more cryptocurrencies than some of its competitors. Besides, it is also a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, which means that users are the sole owners of their cryptocurrencies and have complete control over their funds.

One of the significant features of U2U Wallet allows safely interacting with decentralized applications (DApps) across supported blockchains, an outstanding advantage compared to most centralized wallets. In addition, U2U Wallet is a hot wallet that can be accessed via a secure internet connection.

The key features of U2U Wallet

  • Multi-cryptocurrency support: Unlike most wallets that only support ERC-20 tokens, U2U Wallet supports multiple coins and tokens.
  • Flexible purchases: U2U Wallet allows users to buy cryptocurrencies from third-party platforms.
  • NFT wallet: Users can buy, sell, and store NFTs. Users can also trade NFTs via U2U Exchange, which is built-in with U2U Wallet.
  • Staking and rewards: Users can use U2U Wallet to stake selected cryptocurrencies and earn rewards.
  • Easy inter-wallet transfers: Users can transfer cryptocurrencies from other wallets to U2U Wallet using a secret recovery phrase, private key, or Keystore file.
  • Low cost: Transaction fees in U2U Wallet are relatively inexpensive than other potential competitors.

How does U2U Wallet work?

U2U Wallet constructs a bridge between blockchains and their respective nodes. Every blockchain includes its own set of public addresses, where cryptocurrencies are encrypted and kept safe. Since it’s decentralized and non-custodial, it doesn’t hold or control users’ cryptocurrency but provides access.

In the early stage, U2U Wallet only operates on mobile devices. In the following stages, the U2U team will develop the wallet to work on the web platform as an extension and on Web3 applications.

The U2U Wallet app is proven safe after passing censorship rounds of Google and Apple and listed on Google Play and AppStore. Users can easily download and install it on their own mobile devices.

The U2U Wallet app does not keep any information about its users to ensure privacy. All contact information is kept only between transacting parties — it doesn’t disclose user information to third parties.

The potential of U2U Wallet

As introduced at the beginning of this article, U2U Wallet is a part of the Unicorn Ultra – the blockchain ecosystem base on the Venture Builder model. Unicorn Ultra aims to construct a digital cradle for builders to developers of their startup projects. It not only grants, incubates, and accelerates but also provides initial resources like business strategy, branding, and marketing.

As the default wallet of the Unicorn Ultra ecosystem, U2U Wallet is developed to store all tokens of each project built on the Unicorn Ultra blockchain. Therefore this wallet must be stable and meet scalability following the growth of projects and products, including but not limited to NFT, DApps, Web3, etc.

Aside from the advantages and fundamental features previously mentioned, one of the app’s most significant pros is its user-friendly interface, allowing even beginner users to use it conveniently.

Since the U2U Wallet team aims to provide people with better access to cryptocurrencies in a secure, non-custodial manner, it is feature-rich. It allows users to perform a variety of actions through one single app.


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