Antolin exhibits at the Shanghai Auto Show 2023 its Integrated and Intelligent Solutions

Mr. Ramón Sotomayor Jauregui introduced Antolin Transformation Plan GOA Press Release

Shanghai, April 18th, 2023- With the claim Leading the New Sustainable Mobility from Inside, Antolin will present at the Shanghai Auto Show 2023 its Integrated and Intelligent Solutions, which include ITACA concept car, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) award-winning Vehicle Access System, and Smart Sliding Floor Console, demonstrating the extensive industry experience and its direction for the mobility future. Antolin intends to leverage Auto Shanghai 2023 as a platform to lead the transformation of mobility with its innovative technologies, as part of its Transformation Plan GOA (Gear Up Our Ambition), recently presented.

“Introducing the GOA Transformation Plan, Antolin has embarked on a new phase with the goal of leading the transformation of mobility. Not only will we evolve the business portfolio with a larger footprint in the markets of the future, but we will actively collaborate with our customers to move towards smarter and more sustainable interior spaces”, says Ramon Sotomayor, CEO of Antolin.

One of the pillars of the transformation plan is to increase market share in key markets such as China, which has become a vital market for the Antolin’s global strategy to consolidate itself as a leading provider of automotive interior technology solutions. At the Shanghai Motor Show 2023, the company will present its innovative portfolio of products and solutions to its customers and other stakeholders.

Integrated innovative technologies

During the Motor Show, Antolin will fully demonstrate its advanced mobility technology and immerse the public in its futuristic interior space with ITACA.

ITACA Concept Car: With its clean and elegant look and a wide range of functions, the debut of ITACA combines Antolin’s lighting and HMI (Human Machine Interface), electronics, backlit headliner, attractive deco parts and a purifying console to create a comfortable space that highlights the limitless possibilities of future mobility. The keyless access systems uses state-of-the art biometrics.

The car also merges the seamless integration of DMS and OMS with communicative lighting and different alerts to make the journey safer for driver and passengers. Some surprising features, such as the “dancing light”, make the ride more enjoyable.

Vehicle Access System: Antolin received a CES®2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Access System, which is a combined software and hardware solution seamlessly integrated into a trim on the driver’s door. The system includes several authentication methods for car access: biometrics (facial and voice recognition or fingerprint), PIN code or NFC.

Smart Sliding Floor Console: The floor console is combined with movable and adjustable components that allow it to conveniently serve all passengers in the front and rear of the vehicle, enabling a more flexible interior layout. Its HMI, Hidden-Til-Lit solutions, and air purifying system, among other devices, provide convenient interior operation  for the passengers.

Innovative Upper Trim: Antolin has redefined the overhead console, relocating the capacitive switches along the smart perimeter frame to ensure effortless operation for passengers in any position. In addition, Antolin has adjusted the communication lighting to meet broader visual comfort aspirations.

Breakthrough Communicative and Dynamic Lighting: A new 3D surface unveiled at the auto show combines lighting and touch elements transformed into a fully functional HMI System. In addition, Antolin’s dynamic interior lighting for German vehicles, such as Volkswagen’s ID. Buzz, and ambient lighting components developed for the new HiPhi Z Vehicle, represents a further step in Antolin’s smart integration strategy.

Pioneering sustainable future

Based on the GOA Transformation Plan, Antolin provides innovative and intelligent solutions to customers. Simultaneously, the commitment to sustainable development has been a constant since Antolin was founded. The company is committed to becoming a pioneer in sustainability and a benchmark for stakeholders in the automotive interior industry.

This commitment can be seen in several sustainable solutions on display at Auto Shanghai 2023. Many of Antolin’s interiors use raw materials with recycled content, such as a car headliner substrate made from urban waste, post-consumer plastic waste and end-of-life tires. The target is to use 40% sustainable plastic raw material by 2030 in accordance with the terms of the OEMs specifications. While focusing on recycled materials, Antolin also proposes the use of organic vegetal content, such as plant-based coatings instead of animal and synthetic leather, mycelium-based foams, or natural fibers in the upper area of instrument panels, to name a few examples. Antolin’s commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in its business development. Looking ahead, Antolin aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations (Scope 1 & 2) by 2040 and to reduce CO2 emissions by 75% by 2028. The company aims to be carbon neutral by 2050.

The automotive industry is experiencing a new era and Antolin is committed to significantly pushing forward the transformation process to become an “Intelligent, Integrated and Inside” global supplier of technological solutions for car interiors to lead future mobility.


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