OpenWorld_NFT Prepares for Lift Off with Marketplace and Game Hub Launch After Successful Seed Funding

OpenWorld_NFT Prepares for Lift Off with Marketplace and Game Hub Launch After Successful Seed Funding Press Release

LONDON, October 3, 2023 – OpenWorld_NFT, an ambitious decentralized NFT marketplace project under OpenWorld Holding founded on August 17, 2023, in the United Kingdom, has generated tremendous enthusiasm and participation from supporters since first launching its public seed round for the native OWNER token approximately over a month ago in mid-August this year.

When talking about Blockchain, it is impossible not to mention the NFT (Non-fungible tokens) application. Although 2020 is a boom year for this technology product with unproven value, up to now NFTs have become more popular and accessible, and the applications have also become clearer. It can be evidenced by its ownership capabilities, integration capabilities, financial capabilities as well and security capabilities, which cannot be counterfeited.

NFT Marketplace: NFT Marketplace is a digital platform to buy and sell NFTs. These platforms allow people to store and display their NFTs, and sell them to others for cryptocurrency or money. Some NFT marketplaces also allow users to mint their NFTs on the platform itself. In exchange for a fee, NFT marketplaces will typically handle the transfer of NFTs from one party to another.

NFT Application: Almost every NFT has incredible technological capabilities, but not all NFTs are of equal value, as evidenced by the project’s commitment to technological development, the level of integration into the platform to Wherever the owner’s interests are different, the NFT value will also be different. The most popular feature of NFT today is that it is a form of identifier that cannot be forged on social networks, thanks to which businesses can easily count shareholders and the rights of owners.

Despite the seed round remaining ongoing, OpenWorld_NFT has impressively succeeded in selling an outstanding 2 trillion OWNER tokens out of the total fixed supply of 10 trillion to thousands of eager investors worldwide. This has been achieved with each OWNER token selling for just 0.0000005 USDT during this initial fundraising phase.

However, according to official projections by the skilled OpenWorld_NFT team, the inherent value of OWNER tokens is expected to increase dramatically, potentially 10-20 times higher, once officially listed on exchanges for public trading. This provides seed round contributors a strategic opportunity to maximize rewards by acquiring OWNER tokens early before the anticipated surge.

Following a successful capital raise, OpenWorld_NFT will launch its cutting-edge NFT marketplace for trading unique digital assets and collectibles across categories and introduce a Game Hub with play-to-earn titles like the entertaining “Owner Miner – Gold Rush”.

The Game Hub aims to provide an immersive gaming experience, hosting diverse game genres including action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, and more. Players can earn NFT prizes and rewards through gameplay achievements. The games will utilize blockchain technology for transparent loot box mechanics and provably fair gameplay. By integrating GameFi models, players can also collect Tokens to use across the platform.

The OpenWorld_NFT marketplace will empower buying, selling, minting, and collecting NFTs across verticals like art, music, sports, metaverse assets, and more through a robust blockchain framework engineered for optimal transparency, security, and community ownership.

As a leading innovative project, OpenWorld_NFT aims to build an all-inclusive decentralized NFT ecosystem that generates new income streams and opportunities benefitting token holders. Seed round participants gain priority marketplace access upon launch, plus exclusive OWNER token bonuses.

With the IDO and exchange listings approaching, a strategic window of opportunity is now open for prospective investors to participate in the seed round before prices increase. As expressed by the team, they remain focused on rewarding early adopters who share the project’s outlook and values. However, with demand accelerating daily, they strongly advise interested contributors to maximize bonuses before the expected 10-20X TOKEN value increase after IDO.

Keen NFT space observers agree that OpenWorld_NFT is primed for takeoff based on pioneering developments and a community-centric vision. The project is poised to disrupt the landscape, delivering an inclusive ecosystem for diverse groups to reimagine the burgeoning world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. As the wildly successful seed round engagement shows through massive demand, OpenWorld_NFT has its engines revved for launch and will soon revolutionize the NFT arena.

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