Discover the Collaboration Between Samsung and Superposition in Designing a Contemporary Hanok Exhibit in Seoul’s City Center

Discover the Collaboration Between Samsung and Superposition in Designing a Contemporary Hanok Exhibit in Seoul’s City Center Enterprise

In late October, art and technology fans alike were treated to a one-of-a-kind exhibition in Seoul, South Korea featuring the latest Bespoke home appliances.


Understanding evolving user needs and preferences, Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke product line boasts advanced features and sleek, timeless designs perfect for various home interiors — from contemporary apartments to “hanoks,” or traditional Korean-style houses. To showcase the versatility of Bespoke appliances, Samsung collaborated with Superposition, an art furniture design group, to unveil an innovative exhibit at the Hanok Gallery Jiwooheon in Seoul that reimagined the modern home.


▲ (Left) Entrance to the “Timeless” exhibit at the Hanok Gallery Jiwooheon. (Right) Superposition’s “byungpoong” on the “toenmaru,” a narrow wooden porch, at Jiwooheon.


Samsung Newsroom sat down with Euna Oh, Chief CMF1 Designer at Samsung Electronics, Ahjung Joo, CMF Designer at Samsung Electronics, and Superposition team members Jeong-Seon Seo, Sun-Kwang Seo and Jong-Min Kim to learn how the “Timeless” exhibit seamlessly blended the past and present.



High-End Interior Designs for the Home

The Bespoke Infinite Line™ (Infinite Line™), Samsung’s premium line of appliances, was the center of the exhibition. To create a product lineup that was physically and aesthetically fit for modern kitchens, the company carefully selected high-quality, long-lasting materials and developed a unique CMF that utilizes aluminum and ceramic finishes. As this CMF contains recycled materials, Samsung built a collection of home appliances that is luxurious, visually distinct and eco-conscious — recognizing that modern interior design and high-end kitchen concepts incorporate elements from nature.


“Consumer preferences for home and kitchen interiors shifted quite drastically during the pandemic, as people were spending more time at home,” said Chief CMF Designer Euna Oh. “The Infinite Line™ was released when demand for premium appliances was quite high.”


“Our timeless metal finishes do not lose their value or beauty over time and we ensured this by working diligently during the development process, which began in 2019. We also conducted a thorough review process to ensure the products could be mass produced,” stated CMF Designer Ahjung Joo. “Cutting refrigerator-sized panels of aluminum using CNC2 processing was almost unprecedented in the home appliance industry. Given its durability and resistance to scratches and dents, aluminum became the ideal material for the Infinite Line™.”


▲ (From left) CMF Designer Ahjung Joo and Chief CMF Designer Euna Oh



Visual Impact Through Practicality and Usability

A highlight of the exhibit was the special collaborative artwork by Superposition that seamlessly blended with the Infinite Line™. Using traditional Korean objects such as “byungpoong” and “duiju,” Superposition furniture designer Jeong-Seon Seo transformed refrigerators and dishwashers into artistic pieces resembling furniture rather than individual appliances. “When conceptualizing the exhibit, we wanted to focus on the long-lasting value and usability of the Infinite Line™,” he said.


One of the eye-catching pieces in the exhibit was “Sea” — an 11-panel screen depicting pristine white sand that resembled Cera White, the Infinite Line™ finish made of ceramic. The screen incorporated a refrigerator, freezer and kimchi refrigerator and connected them using eight digitally drawn illustrations, blurring the lines between art and technology.


▲ “Sea” is created with Infinite Line™ appliances in Cera White and Superposition’s “byungpoong” to illustrate white sand on a beach.


“When I first saw the Bespoke Infinite Line™ refrigerator, I was immediately reminded of a white, sandy beach,” said Superposition graphic designer Jong-Min Kim. “The Cera White finish of the Infinite Line™ refrigerator was designed to resemble organic textures inspired by nature. I wanted to mirror Samsung’s aesthetic, so I used acrylic to emulate waves crashing on a beach. When you look at the five overlapping acrylics in the piece, you can almost feel the waves.”


▲ (From left) Superposition team members Sun-Kwang Seo, Jong-Min Kim and Jeong-Seon Seo


In addition, the exhibition showcased modern kitchen appliances, such as induction ranges and refrigerators, integrated with “duiju,” traditional Korean furniture used to store food. These pieces were “Island,” a kitchen island unit combining an Infinite Line™ induction range and dishwasher, and “Ham,” a built-in featuring an Infinite Line™ refrigerator and wine cooler. The exhibits juxtaposed the beauty of traditional furniture with the cutting-edge technology of the Infinite Line™ to display a new take on contemporary kitchen environments and home aesthetics.


▲ (From left) The “Island” and “Ham” exhibits inspired by the “duiju.”



Evoking Timelessness in the Modern Era

Samsung and Superposition share a similar pursuit when innovating — instilling timelessness into products by combining classic and modern design elements.


“For the Infinite Line™, we reinterpreted vertical design elements that were used in ancient Greek architectural columns,” said Joo. “We also utilized materials that resemble the textures of soil and stone. The Infinite Line™’s simple design and refined appearance evoke an organic look and feel that is ideal for high-end kitchens.”


▲ (Clockwise from back left) Jong-Min Kim, Jeong-Seon Seo and Sun-Kwang Seo from Superposition and Euna Oh and Ahjung Joo from Samsung


“The Infinite Line™ combines natural textures and materials with modern functionality. This is similar to how Superposition reinterprets Korean artwork using digital art and acrylics,” said Kim. “This collaboration was intriguing because Samsung and Superposition follow different design principles, yet their products feel very similar to one another.”



Blending Modernity and Tradition Within the Home

The exhibition beautifully showcased the concept of timelessness by exploring the intersection of nature and technology as well as the harmony between tradition and modernity. Throughout the project’s development, Samsung and Superposition discovered similarities with one another — making this artistic endeavor more meaningful.


▲ (From left) Sun-Kwang Seo, Jeong-Seon Seo and Jong-Min Kim from Superposition and Euna Oh and Ahjung Joo from Samsung


“Because the Infinite Line™’s design philosophy perfectly aligned with our vision, this collaboration was enjoyable,” said Superposition marketing manager Sun-Kwang Seo. “We are honored to have worked with Samsung and are thrilled to have created this exhibition in partnership.”


Oh discussed how the exhibit redefined the boundaries of art. “Previously, I had mostly seen the Infinite Line™ in modern interior spaces,” she said. “Viewing the Infinite Line™ in a hanok was quite an interesting sight and something I had never imagined. Our collaboration with Superposition delivered a new take on art.”


Drawing inspiration from historical architecture and art, the Infinite Line™ blends the ingenuity of modern and classic designs with the practical functionality users desire. As a result, Samsung has been able to create a distinct line of high-end appliances ideal for any luxury kitchen.


Through this collaboration, Samsung and Superposition demonstrated that modernity and tradition can harmoniously coexist side-by-side within any home.


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1 Color, material and finish: Three key elements of product design.
2 Computer Numerical Control: A manufacturing method that uses a computer program to precisely process materials.

Source: POSCO Holdings Inc Press Release


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