[Photo Gallery] Key Moments of SDC23: Fusing Creativity and Technology

[Photo Gallery] Key Moments of SDC23: Fusing Creativity and Technology Enterprise

On October 5, 2023, Samsung Electronics shared the latest updates to its software and device solutions during the ninth Samsung Developer Conference (SDC23) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.


Beginning with a keynote speech featuring multiple Samsung executives and employees, the event included a variety of mega and tech sessions covering a range of topics — giving attendees the chance to gain insights from some of the industry’s greatest minds. Participants were able to put their knowledge to the test through hands-on, interactive experiences such as live coding sessions at the Code Lab and discussions on emerging industry trends at the Open Theater. Additionally, attendees connected with developers, creators and entrepreneurs and explored the latest innovations from Samsung and its partners on display at Tech Square, Hacker’s Playground and the C-Lab exhibition hall.


Check out some of the highlights from the event in the photos below.





SDC23 Keynote





Mega and Tech Sessions





Tech Square





Open Theater



Code Lab




Hacker’s Playground






Source: POSCO Holdings Inc Press Release


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