President: “Korea-Saudi Arabia must be reborn as ‘first movers’ pioneering new fields”

President: “Korea-Saudi Arabia must be reborn as ‘first movers’ pioneering new fields” Policy

Lecture to over 2,000 students at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia

On the 23rd (local time), President Yoon Seok-yeol gave a lecture titled ‘Youth, the protagonists of innovation leading the future’ at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, saying, “Korea and Saudi Arabia must be reborn as first movers who pioneer and lead new fields.” “He emphasized.

King Saud University, founded in 1957, is Saudi Arabia’s first university and the school from which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman graduated.

About 2,000 students of King Saud University, including King Saud University faculty and staff members, including Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Education Yusf bin Abdullah Al Benyan and President Badran Al Omar, attended the lecture.

In the lecture, the President emphasized the role of youth as agents of change and innovation in both countries in the digital era and encouraged young people to contribute to peace and common development in the international community.

First, the President mentioned the history of exchange between Korea and Saudi Arabia that began more than a thousand years ago, saying, “The two countries have been trading through the so-called Incense Road, and during the Silla period, cultural exchanges took place by sea. “I did it,” he emphasized.

He continued, “This special partnership between Korea and Saudi Arabia, which was established in the 1970s through infrastructure cooperation, including highway construction, has become an important stepping stone for Korea’s economic development.” “We are leading innovation in the same cutting-edge technology field,” he said.

The President said, “Korea and Saudi Arabia must become first movers who pioneer and lead new fields,” and emphasized that the driving force behind creating and implementing such changes and innovations is the future generation, the youth.

In particular, the President said, “The friendly cooperative relationship between Korea and Saudi Arabia can be deepened when students and experts from both countries actively exchange and conduct research together,” and announced plans to support Saudi youth entering Korea.

The President said, “We will actively support more Saudi Arabian young people to visit Korea, learn the language, experience the culture, and participate in education and research in various fields that Saudi students are interested in, including high-tech fields such as bio and medical.” I promised.

In addition, “We will expand government scholarship support for Saudi students who wish to study at Korean universities, and provide study abroad programs in Korea for Saudi students’ areas of interest, such as research in cutting-edge fields such as bio, medical, and renewable energy, and strengthening female leadership.” He also stated, “We will continue to develop it.”

Lastly, the President said, “I hope that among the students present here, we will produce leaders who will take the lead in promoting peace in the region and the world.” He added, “I hope that students who will contribute to the advancement of technology that will further enrich human life in the era of digital advancement.” “I hope that talented people will be born and that in the process, young people from Korea and Saudi Arabia will cooperate and grow together,” he said.

Source: President’s Office via Policy news, link
Photo Credit: Office of the President / Official Photographer : Kim Yong Wii via flickr


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