Actor Lee Jung-jae “If K-Culture and Busan Expo meet, the status of Korea will rise”

2030 부산엑스포추진위원회의 1호 홍보대사인 이정재 배우. (사진=아티스트컴퍼니) Policy

[부산 엑스포 유치를 응원합니다] ① Actor Lee Jung-jae, the 1st public relations ambassador

Actor Lee Jung-jae, who is acting as the first public relations ambassador for the Busan Expo 2030 Promotion Committee, confidently said, “If Busan hosts the 2030 World Expo, it will be an opportunity to raise Korea’s status.”

Photo Caption: Actor Lee Jeong-jae, the first public relations ambassador of the 2030 Busan Expo Promotion Committee. (Photo Credit = Artist Company)

Through a message of support for the Busan Expo sent to the policy briefing, he said, “When Korean culture and Busan Expo meet, Korea’s cutting-edge technology and K-content, as well as the charm of Busan, can be released to the world, which really raises the status of Korea as well as Busan. It will be a great opportunity,” he said.

At the same time, he said, “To host the World Expo, we need the support of the people,” and asked, “Please join us in the hopeful step of changing the future.”

The following is the full text of actor Lee Jung-jae’s cheering message.

We support and actively support the Busan Expo, which shares the potential of K-culture and K-content with the world.”

Before I was the first public relations ambassador for the 2030 World Expo Busan, I have a special affection for Busan.

It’s a city I personally like, and since I filmed many parts of my first film, , in Busan, I have a special regard for Busan.

I was very honored to take on the big role and responsibility of being a public relations ambassador, but it also put a heavy burden on my shoulders.

However, if I can be of any help in hosting the World Expo, one of the world’s top three events, in Busan, I decided to join it because I think it could have a positive effect on Korea as well as the cultural world.

Since last year, I have received a lot of unexpected support through promotional materials and publicity voices engraved with my face all over the Busan area. I’m getting a lot of messages saying it’s nice to see my face. There are times when I feel embarrassed to see my large-sized face, but I am very happy that it has become an opportunity to get closer to the citizens of Busan.

I hope that the love and interest from all of you will lead to the Busan World Expo. For this, we need a lot of support from the people.

If Busan, a cutting-edge city that embraces industry and culture at the same time, hosts the 2030 World Expo, it will be able to share the potential of K-culture and K-contents, which have begun to gain worldwide recognition, with people around the world and combine them with related industries to create great synergies.

In particular, I am confident that if Korean culture meets the Busan Expo, it will be a wonderful opportunity to raise Korea’s status as well as Busan as it will be able to radiate Korea’s cutting-edge technology and K-content to the world, as well as the charm of Busan. Please join us in our hopeful steps to change the future. thank you

Policy Briefing Won Se-yeon

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