Reduce the burden of your Chuseok shopping cart this way”… How to use discount coupons

Reduce the burden of your Chuseok shopping cart this way”…  How to use discount coupons Policy

How to buy agricultural, livestock and marine products cheaply?

“Just looking at the price of fruit makes my heart sink. “It’s too expensive.”

Lee Sa-ra, whom I met at a traditional fruit and vegetable market in Seoul on the 9th, said that she did not dare to take the card out of her wallet.

Mr. Lee expressed his expectations, saying, “I felt that the increase in the prices of vegetables and fruits was unusual, but I had no idea it was to this extent.” He added, “Now that the government has announced the Chuseok price stabilization policy, won’t it get better over time?”

On the 31st of last month, the government announced the Chuseok People’s Livelihood Stabilization Measures, which focus on boosting the stagnant economy while suppressing price increases as much as possible. The goal is to stably manage prices by lowering the burden on businesses while lowering the burden on shopping carts through the largest amount of government support ever.

It is important for consumers to know discount information in advance in order to receive the maximum discount under government support. We’ve summarized grocery items and how to use discount coupons that would be helpful to know in advance.

Large supermarkets, online malls, traditional markets… Discount benefits for agricultural, livestock and marine products Up to 60%

To celebrate the upcoming Chuseok, the government is spending 67 billion won on discount events for agricultural, livestock and fishery products to stabilize prices. This is the largest amount ever. This is because the prices of vegetables have been on the rise due to the heat wave and heavy rain this summer, and the prices of fruits have also soared, putting the price of ceremonial rites on edge.

For agricultural and livestock products, the event period varies depending on the distributor. Starting on the 14th, large supermarkets will begin offering discounts on vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, radishes, apples, pears, and onions. The discount rate is 30-40%. The government provides a 20% discount per head of cabbage, and if you add the mart’s own discount of 10-20%, you get a total discount of 30-40%.

Livestock products can be purchased at a 20-50% discount through self-funding or large supermarket discounts when purchasing high-cost items such as Korean beef, pork, and chicken. Pork belly and pork loin are discounted by 20%, and Korean beef butchery and grilled foods are discounted by up to 50%, so it is a good idea to carefully check the event period.

In celebration of Chuseok, each distribution company holds its own discount event for agricultural, livestock and marine products.

As for marine products, major seafood products are discounted by up to 60% through discounts at large supermarkets and through the cooperative’s own discounts. Discounted items include pollack, mackerel, squid, cutlassfish, croaker, dried anchovies, seaweed, abalone, red sea bream, octopus, and crab.

Each distribution company plans its own discount event for marine products for Chuseok

◆To receive discounts… Issue coupons and purchase gift certificates in advance online

The discount event for agricultural, livestock and marine products to celebrate Chuseok will run from August 31st until the 28th of this month, the day before Chuseok.

First, if you shop at a large supermarket, you can receive a discount of 20,000 to 40,000 won per person. Discounts can be received on a weekly basis, and depending on the place of purchase, support may be received repeatedly.

For example, in the first week of September, you can receive a 20,000 won discount at Lotte Mart, and in the second week, you can receive another 20,000 won discount if you shop at the same mart.

The discount is automatically applied when you visit a large supermarket (offline) and pay in person.

For example, if you purchase discounted Korean beef for 100,000 won, 20,000 won (20%) is automatically discounted, so you only have to pay 80,000 won.

If you need to shop at an online mall such as Curly, you can obtain a discount coupon from the mall website and use it. The discount method is the same as offline.

If you are shopping at a traditional market, it would be a good idea to purchase a gift certificate in advance at a 30% discount from Zero Pay, the traditional market delivery app, or the traditional market online mall. This is because a 100,000 won note can be purchased for 70,000 won. However, this is a gift certificate for agricultural and livestock products only, and can only be used at traditional markets. It is difficult to use in delivery apps or online malls.

Citizens are shopping at a traditional market in Seoul. (Photo = Copyright (c) Yonhap News, unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

Citizens are shopping at a traditional market in Seoul.

◆This is how to purchase seafood… Onnuri gift certificate refund when purchasing a certain amount

Recently, the number of consumers visiting traditional seafood markets has been increasing significantly. When purchasing seafood at traditional markets across the country, 30% of the purchase price per person is returned as Onnuri gift certificates.

The traditional market Onnuri gift certificate refund event has been held since the 21st of last month in 9 traditional markets representing the region across the country (Noryangjin and Garak in Seoul, Guri in Gyeonggi, Jagalchi and Shindonga in Busan, Gunsan Fishery Products Center in Korea, Daecheon Port Fishery Market in Chungcheongnam-do, and Dongmun Traditional Market in Jeju). It started at Dongmun Fish Market. The remaining 21 markets will take effect from the 15th.

Accordingly, if you purchase seafood between 34,000 won and 67,000 won until the 10th, you can receive a refund of 10,000 won, and if you purchase more than that, you can receive a refund of 20,000 won. From the 11th, the discount rate will be expanded, so if you purchase between 25,000 and 50,000 won, you will receive 10,000 won back, and if you purchase more than that, you will receive 20,000 won back.

Citizens are purchasing seafood in the Fish Market

If you need to purchase a lot of seafood, you may also be interested in the ‘Zero Pay mobile gift certificate exclusively for seafood’.

This is because one person can receive benefits of up to 40,000 won per month, and each person can purchase up to 200,000 won per month.

The government also expanded the issuance of gift certificates from once in the first week of every month to twice every Thursday (10 a.m. and 4 p.m.) to increase purchasing convenience for consumers.

Zero Pay mobile gift certificates exclusively for seafood can be used at over 9,300 affiliated stores in 741 traditional markets and wholesale markets nationwide or at traditional market online malls. Three types of notes are issued: 10,000 won, 50,000 won, and 200,000 won, and a 20% discount is provided.

The expiration date for use of Zero Pay mobile gift certificates exclusively for seafood is two months after purchase, but it should be noted that gift certificates issued in September ahead of Chuseok are limited to October 13.

Source: Policy Briefing Won Se-yeon – Policy news, link


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