Doosan Bobcat and Doosan Robotics Honored with ‘CES 2024 Innovation Award’ for Advanced Electrification & AI Technology

Doosan Bobcat and Doosan Robotics Honored with ‘CES 2024 Innovation Award’ for Advanced Electrification & AI Technology Enterprise
– Doosan Bobcat’s world’s first all-electric skid-steer loader ‘S7X’ honored with two categories
– Doosan Robotics won the Artificial Intelligence category for its machine learning-based recycling classification solution

Doosan’s cutting-edge electrification and artificial intelligence products have been recognized for their technological prowess in a global competition that honors outstanding design and engineering.

On Nov. 16th, Doosan announced that the Doosan Bobcat’s all-electric skid-steer loader ‘S7X’  and Doosan Robotics’ recycling sorting solution called ‘Oscar the Sorter’ were selected as Honorees of the ‘CES 2024 Innovation Awards’.

The ‘CES Innovation Awards’ is an award given by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to products with outstanding technology and innovation ahead of the opening of CES, the world’s largest technology exhibition held in Las Vegas every January.

Foremost, the Doosan Bobcat ‘S7X’ has received two honors in the Sustainability, Eco Design & Smart Energy and Smart City categories.

S7X is an all-electric machine of Doosan Bobcat’s flagship skid-steer loader. A lithium-ion battery powers it and all hydraulics are replaced with an electric drive system. Compared to diesel models of the same class, it has 50% fewer components. It consumes 96% less fluid, such as coolants and lubricants, allowing for easy maintenance at significantly lower costs with zero emissions.

Product performance is also significantly enhanced, with instantaneous torque that is three times greater than the diesel-equivalent counterpart. Additionally, the smart power management system maximizes energy efficiency by adjusting output to suit the work circumstances with the capability to operate for up to 6 hours on a single charge, depending on the application. If it is charged during break time, operators can use it for more than a full day’s work while taking advantage of its significantly reduced noise and vibration.

Doosan Bobcat is a pioneer in the compact equipment industry by inventing the world’s first compact loader in 1958. In 2022, the company reinvented the industry by introducing the world’s first all-electric, eco-friendly compact track loader ‘T7X’. Doosan Bobcat won honors in two CES 2022 Innovation Awards categories with ‘T7X’, followed by two CES 2024 Innovation Awards for its skid-steer loader ‘S7X’, substantiating its market-leading technology by amassing a total of four awards.

Doosan Robotics’ ‘Oscar the Sorter’, which won the ‘CES 2024 Innovation Award’ in the Artificial Intelligence category, is a ‘recycling sorting solution’ applying AI machine learning based on ‘Dart Suite’, a software platform that effortlessly controls collaborative robots without coding.

‘Oscar the Sorter’ sorts paper cups, plastic containers, cans, etc., removes the contents, and moves them to a designated trash can. Vision recognition technology is usually used for these tasks, but field application has been hampered because the cost of the vision system is nearly as expensive as the cost of the robot.

Without vision recognition technology, ‘Oscar the Sorter’ measures and recognizes differences in current value and size depending on strength while picking up objects with a ‘gripper’, which mimics a collaborative robot hand. It offers the advantage of being able to perform classification work even in visually obstructed views, and objects having similar appearances can be classified according to their material as well.
Additionally, AI machine learning technology continuously learns the shape and material of objects to enable sophisticated classification in due time. As a result, this makes it feasible to expand its application to the logistics and service industries in the future.

Additionally, Doosan Robotics is focusing on strengthening its software capabilities by developing collaborative robot solutions based on GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) that can repeatedly detect and correct errors and perform tasks without human intervention.

A Doosan official said, “With these meaningful world-class feats in recognition of Doosan’s technological prowess in the global innovative technology arena, we will continue to develop a variety of products and solutions that are environmentally-friendly and make people’s lives more convenient.”

Doosan, which has been participating in CES every other year since 2020, plans to showcase its products and technologies with its participation at ‘CES 2024’ to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 9 to 12 next year. The Doosan booth will be located in LVCC, West Hall – 5941.

Source: Doosan Press Release


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