Doosan Enerbility Showcases Korean Gas Turbine Technology in the Philippines

Doosan Enerbility Showcases Korean Gas Turbine Technology in the Philippines Enterprise
  • Pursued as part of overseas market entry efforts for the Korean-made gas turbine developed jointly with 340 parties in Korean industry, academia and research sectors
  • Global marketing targeted at energy companies, such as Meralco, the largest electric distribution company in the Philippines

Doosan Enerbility has embarked on promoting its technologies for the Korean-standard gas turbine that was developed jointly with parties in the Korean local industry, academia and research sectors.

Featured Image: ▲Rep. Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, member of House of Representatives of the Philippines (on the right), and Yeonin Jung, Doosan Enerbility President & COO, pose for a photo in the capital city Manila on Nov. 24th (local time).

Doosan Enerbility announced on November 26th that it had introduced its Korean-standard gas turbine and the hydrogen gas turbine, which is currently being developed as a state-led project, to a group of potential customers in the Philippines. This included figures from the Philippine government, such as the Philippine Congress and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, as well as local companies such as Meralco, the country’s largest electric distribution utility company, and Aboitiz, Philippines’ leading infrastructure developer.

On November 24th(local time), Doosan Enerbility had set up an exhibition booth at a sports event that was attended by numerous companies from the Philippines energy sector. Doosan Enerbility’s top management, represented by President & COO Yeonin Jung and Chief Marketing Officer Jungkwan Kim, were in attendance at the event, which was jointly hosted by the Union Bank of the Philippines, the largest commercial bank in the country, and the Next Generation Advocate Foundation, PH, Inc., an NGO in the Philippines.

“By leveraging the know-how acquired from numerous projects that we successfully carried out over the years in the Philippines, we aim to venture into the Philippines gas turbine market, which is a market that uses the same frequency(60Hz)* as Korea,” said Yeonin Jung, President & COO of Doosan Enerbility. “We plan to actively promote the competitiveness of Doosan Enerbility’s gas turbines by applying marketing strategies that are tailored to the needs of our customers at home and abroad, so that this may consequentially lead to exports in the future.”
* The two main power frequencies used across the globe are 60Hz (US, Canada, Korea, etc.) and 50Hz(Europe, Australia, China, etc.). The Philippines uses the same frequency 60Hz as Korea.

In 2019, Doosan Enerbility succeeded in the local manufacturing of a large-size gas turbine for power plants, upon which it supplied the first Korean-made gas turbine to Korea Western Power’s Gimpo Combined Heat & Power Plant. Then, starting in 2021, Doosan took part in a state-led project together with some 340 players in the Korean industry, academia and research sectors to pursue development of a Korean-standard combined cycle gas turbine model. This resulted in the signing of a supplier agreement this past June with Korea Midland Power(KOMIPO) for the main components of the Boryeong New Combined Cycle Power Plant, such as a 380MW H-class* ultra-large** gas turbine.
* High-efficiency turbine that is made out of superalloy and designed to withstand high temperatures going up to 1500℃ or higher
** Gas turbines can be categorized by its generation capacity into small-size (20~99.9MW), mid-size (100~214.9MW), large-size (215~299.9MW) and ultra-large (300MW+) turbines (Source: McCoy Report)

Source: Doosan Press Release


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