Team Galaxy’s Epic Battle at the #PlayGalaxy Cup: The Galaxy S24 Showdown

Team Galaxy’s Epic Battle at the #PlayGalaxy Cup: The Galaxy S24 Showdown Enterprise

To commemorate the release of the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung Electronics invited gamers around the world to the epic #PlayGalaxy Cup in San Jose, California, on January 20.



The #PlayGalaxy Cup is a first-of-its-kind gaming tournament in collaboration with global gaming platform Twitch and game publisher Tencent’s battle royale video game PUBG Mobile to showcase the next-level gaming performance of the Galaxy S24 Series.


Members of #TeamGalaxy Connect — Samsung’s global community of influencers and content creators — went head-to-head at the event and experienced the full power of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


Relive the excitement in San Jose and take a closer look at the action-packed competition below.



The Galaxy S24 Ultra, in Collaboration With #TeamGalaxy Members, Opened a New Chapter in Mobile Gaming

The #PlayGalaxy Cup brought together the top 40 qualifying gamers from various regions around the world at this year’s Galaxy Unpacked. #TeamGalaxy influencers from 16 countries around the world formed ten teams of four to compete in the inaugural #PlayGalaxy Cup.



#TeamGalaxy gaming influencers and Twitch partner streamers1 from Australia, Brazil, Japan and the United Kingdom put the gaming power of the new Galaxy S24 series to the test.


Throughout the event, gamers and audience members were immersed in the action-packed video game. The tournament provided a unique opportunity for both experienced mobile and PC gamers to embrace the latest technology to enjoy mobile gaming in a new way.



Twitch Livestreaming Made the #PlayGalaxy Cup a Worldwide Event for Gaming Fans

Streamed live on Samsung Mobile’s official Twitch account, the event garnered 2.3 million views and a peak of over 70,000 active viewers.



Participants simultaneously livestreamed on their personal channels — allowing followers worldwide to engage, cheer and witness the impressive gaming experience of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.



Gamers, Influencers and Fans Enjoy the #PlayGalaxy Cup, Coming Soon to Gaming Conventions Worldwide


More than 300 fans onsite watched the matches via a large screen, experiencing the intense gameplay, heart-wrenching losses and triumphant finishes alongside the gamers.



In the breaks between rounds, attendees participated in various online and offline events — including the “Emote Dance Challenge,” where participants followed the moves of PUBG Mobile characters, as well as fan voting and an awards ceremony on Samsung Mobile’s Twitch channel.



The “SuperYongGOD9” team was crowned as the winner of the tournament, consisting of #TeamGalaxy members @rurusama9 and @supercatkei from Singapore, #TeamGalaxy member @arieffyong from Malaysia and Twitch streamer @GaGOD from the U.K.


Samsung will bring the #PlayGalaxy Cup to next Unpacked event later this year and share the power of the Galaxy S24 Ultra at other gaming conventions including Gamescom in August and TwitchCon in September.



1 @Berticuss from Australia, @Patriota from Brazil, @Oniyadayo from Japan and @GaGOD from the U.K.

Source: POSCO Holdings Inc Press Release


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