Bringing You Closer to the Perfect Shot

Bringing You Closer to the Perfect Shot Enterprise

Shaky hands, poor seating, darkness — if you’re not up close and personal with the subject of your photo, a lot can come between you and the perfect shot. With Galaxy S24, that’s a thing of the past.


Whether it’s K-pop group TXT taking the stage at the Gocheok Dome during January’s Galaxy Unpacked livestream or the intimate moment when rings are exchanged at a wedding, Galaxy S24’s ProVisual Engine uses upgraded hardware and new AI capabilities to bridge the gap and get you that incredible zoom shot every time.



Introducing the ProVisual Engine — Galaxy S24’s Imaging Powerhouse

Newly introduced on the Galaxy S24 series, the ProVisual Engine is a suite of AI image capture and editing tools dedicated to enhancing every step of the creative journey, from setting up a shot to taking and editing it. It includes Nightography, AI Zoom, Instant Slow-mo, Edit Suggestion, Generative Edits and Super High Dynamic Range (HDR).


While AI is front and center on the Galaxy S24, it has been playing a role in enhancing content creation since the Galaxy S10 series, which applied AI models, Neural Processing Units (NPUs) and large-scale datasets. Compared to those initial capabilities, the Galaxy S24’s ProVisual Engine sports 112 AI models — 28 times more than Galaxy S10 — and 13 times the NPU performance for an intelligent Galaxy photography experience like never before.



Optimized Zoom Every Time With the Quad Tele System

Think about how problematic distance can be when you’re hoping for a memorable photo. Say it’s graduation time and you want to zoom in on your daughter on stage to capture her excitement, but you hesitate over fears of a blurry image. And do you even have the optimal settings? With the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s versatile Quad Tele system, you get optical quality zoom at any magnification up to 10x without needing to worry about which lens or mode to select. Just zoom and capture the moment — your ecstatic graduate, diploma in hand.


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How the Quad Tele System Works

Research shows that among users, there is a strong demand for greater flexibility between the 3x and 10x zoom range. That’s why the Quad Tele System was created, enabling optical quality images at 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x and every step in between — so users can enjoy the best image no matter where their zoom slider comes to rest. Samsung utilizes different techniques and technologies to achieve this for each magnification level.


  • 2x & 10x – Pixel binning, specifically tetra binning, works by combining four smaller pixels into one larger pixel. This technique allows the ProVisual Engine to convert a huge 200MP image into a refined 50MP image. It intelligently crops out a 12MP section, resulting in a detailed 2x zoom photo derived from a high-resolution 1x image. Likewise, for a 10x magnification optical quality, a 50MP image at 5x zoom is reduced to 12MP, producing a 10x zoom shot with rich, clear detail. Here, AI-powered super resolution enhances clarity while creating the 10x image. At every step of the imaging process, across all ranges, AI-powered multi-frame processing (MFP) is applied to ensure crisp, accurate shots.
  • 3x & 5x – At 3x and 5x, the Galaxy S24 Ultra uses dedicated optical lenses. At 5x, thanks to a new 50MP sensor twice the size of previous models, much more detail is possible. It can also take clearer and less noisy shots in the dark thanks to 60% larger pixels.
  • Enhanced ISP – Great zoom isn’t just about magnification. It’s also about clarity, and that’s where the Galaxy S24’s improved Image Signal Processing (ISP) comes in. Applied to both front and rear cameras, this improved ISP analyzes segments of an image to understand what’s going on in the scene so it can apply sophisticated editing and fine-tune specific aspects of the image such as sharpness, skin tone and noise reduction while also enhancing details. Hardware-based ISP is used for optical quality images at 2x, 3x and 5x zoom. Previously, AI ISP was only applied to 30x zoom and higher; however, now AI ISP also enhances the clarity of digital zoom at levels in between 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x and all other levels.


Source: POSCO Holdings Inc Press Release


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