Samsung Employees Worldwide Commit to Water Conservation Initiatives on World Water Day [Photo]

Samsung Employees Worldwide Commit to Water Conservation Initiatives on World Water Day [Photo] Enterprise

Samsung Electronics celebrated World Water Day on March 22 as 44,000 employees, local governments, NGOs and local residents participated in various water conservation activities across 22 worksites around the world. Established by the United Nations, World Water Day serves as a reminder that access to water is a human right and spotlights efforts to address water scarcity and contamination.


Since 2006, Samsung has conducted numerous events involving employees and local communities — including river cleanup around worksites, water conservation campaigns and more. In line with this year’s World Water Day theme of “Leveraging Water for Peace,” Samsung organized special activities such as providing drinking water support for those in need and educating the general public on water conservation.


“On World Water Day, Samsung Electronics executives and employees take time to reflect on the importance of clean water by participating in water conservation activities,” said Junhwa Lee, Vice President of Global EHS, Device eXperience (DX) Division at Samsung Electronics. “We must continually strive to ensure clean water is available to future generations.”


▲ Employees at Samsung’s plant in Suwon, Korea, cleaned up Woncheon Stream.


Commemorate World Water Day with Samsung by scrolling through photo highlights of water conservation activities around the world.



Spreading Awareness of River Cleanup Activities

Participating regions: Korea (Suwon, Gwangju and Gumi), Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Hungary, Brazil and Mexico



▲ Employees of Samsung’s plant in Gumi, Korea, after cleaning up Igye Stream


▲ Employees of Samsung Electronics Mexico with local government employees and residents at Santa Catarina Lake



▲ Employees of Samsung Electronics Malaysia with local residents on the coast of Tanjung Harapan



Water for Peace: World Water Day 2024

Participating regions: Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Egypt and Brazil



▲ Samsung Electronics Egypt employees visited two schools (Martyr Mostafa Salama Preparatory School and Martyr Mohammed Abdallah Secondary Technical School) to teach students the importance of clean water and water conservation.




▲ Samsung Electronics Indonesia employees visited a local school in Cijantur, Bogor, to teach students the importance of water conservation, and also installed a well to provide clean water for villagers living nearby.



Campaigning for Water Conservation

Participating regions: Korea (Suwon and Gwangju), China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Egypt, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico



▲ Samsung Electronics India employees participated in a World Water Day campaign.


▲ Samsung Electronics Malaysia employees attended a training event on water conservation.

Source: POSCO Holdings Inc Press Release


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