Romanian President Visits Doosan Enerbility to Witness Doosan’s Small Modular Reactor Capabilities

Romanian President Visits Doosan Enerbility to Witness Doosan’s Small Modular Reactor Capabilities Enterprise

– Romanian government officials, SN Nuclearelectrica and RoPower visited Doosan manufacturing complex in Changwon to verify Small Modular Reactor (SMR) production capabilities.
– Romania to build their first SMR power plant on a former coal-fired site.
– NuScale Power is the selected technology to supply six NuScale Power Modules™ to the RoPower project where Doosan will participate in core component production.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, a proponent of Romania’s first SMR power plant, recently toured Doosan Enerbility’s Changwon headquarters to assess their SMR production capability.

During the visit, he was accompanied by Luminita Odobescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sebastian Ioan Burduja, Minister of Energy, Cosmin Ghita, CEO of SN Nuclearelectrica, Melania Amuza, CEO of RoPower*, the Romanian SMR project customer, as well as other key officials from the Romanian government and the customer. Geewon Park, CEO and Chairman of Doosan Enerbility also took part in the visit.
*The company established with equity investment from SNN, the Romanian nuclear power company, and Nova Power & Gas for the construction of SMR power plant.

The purpose of the visit was to observe manufacturing facilities which will support Romania’s SMR project. RoPower intends to build a 462 MW SMR power plant at the location of a decommissioned coal-fired power plant in the Doicesti region. The project will utilize six 77 MW NuScale Power Modules, with Doosan Enerbility set to manufacture and supply the core equipment, specifically the upper reactor module, to NuScale Power.

Upon their arrival at the Changwon headquarters, the visiting delegation toured the forging shop and nuclear shop, witnessed NuScale Power’s SMR forging materials, and reviewed specific facilities for SMR production to assess the upcoming project schedule. Doosan Enerbility has been recognized for its production capability through continuous development of innovative SMR manufacturing technologies, leveraging its proven experience in nuclear equipment manufacturing since the 1980s and technologies such as PM-HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), and electron beam welding.

President Iohannis stated, “I had today the pleasure to visit part of Doosan’s manufacturing facilities, in particular those related to nuclear technologies, including SMRs. Romania wants to develop its supply chains in the clean energy industry and hence lead in supporting the regional decarbonization efforts. International cooperation and partnering with well-established actors is key to achieving this objective and securing Romania’s energy and economic future.”

Cosmin Ghita, CEO of SN Nuclearelectrica, highlighted: “The Romanian SMR Project will benefit from the highest level of nuclear safety and technological robustness. Doosan Enerbility, with their internationally acknowledged experience in nuclear equipment manufacturing and advancements in SMR technologies, will significantly contribute to ensuring that by the end of the 2030s, Romania will become a benchmark in advanced nuclear technology implementation and efficient long-term clean energy projects.”

Melania Amuza, Chief Executive Officer of RoPower, stated, “The sustainable development of the Doicesti SMR project includes strong supply chain links. Doosan Enerbility invests resources, experience and excellence in the fabrication and manufacturing of key SMR system components with the highest level of safety and reliance. We look forward to building together a flagship SMR project for Romania.”

Geewon Park, the CEO and Chairman of Doosan Enerbility, stated, “Leveraging a strong cooperative relationship with NuScale Power, Doosan Enerbility is consistently improving its production capabilities through innovation and technological advancements for SMRs. We are actively preparing for the deployment of Romania’s first SMR project, with the goal of supporting the reliable provision of clean energy in Romania.”

Doosan Enerbility secured the right to supply core equipment through a significant investment in NuScale Power alongside Korean investors. Since 2019, they have been reviewing manufacturability of the NuScale Power’s reactor module and have completed all preparations for equipment production. In 2020, NuScale’s SMR model received design certification from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), marking it as the first SMR model to achieve this milestone.

The Romania SMR project is currently in progress with site preparation underway. Last month, the US Government announced $4 billion in potential financing support through the Export-Import Bank and the International Development Finance Corporation to bolster the success of this project.

▲Romanian President Klaus Iohannis (on the right) talking with Doosan Enerbility Chairman Geewon Park while touring the company’s Changwon headquarters on April 24.