Kia presents the 11th Skill World Cup to uncover top mobility technicians worldwide

Kia presents the 11th Skill World Cup to uncover top mobility technicians worldwide Enterprise

  • Global technician competition returns as offline event after six years, with 42 national winners competing in Seoul finals
  • Participants compete in multifaceted vehicle diagnosis and maintenance tests to win trophies and medals
  • Three-day event includes Korean culture and Kia brand experience programs to motivate and inspire global Kia technicians

The 11th Kia Skill World Cup has taken place at Kia Osan Training Center and JW Marriott Hotel Seoul in Korea. Held between May 21-23, the competition marked the first offline event after the pandemic since 2018, gathering 42 national winners from 40 countries to compete in the finals.

The Kia Skill World Cup is a celebrated global mobility engineering competition for Kia technicians. First hosted in 2002, the competition highlights outstanding technical experts from around the world and enhances the brand’s customer service capabilities.

The 42 national winners competed in both written and practical tests spanning various fields, including fault diagnosis, powertrain, chassis, and electrical repair. The top 12 technicians were honored with Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Excellence Awards, receiving trophies, medals, and prizes.

This year’s Gold Award was given to Sanchith Kumar Gangamakki Shanthakumar from India who scored a total of 630 points. Samuel Robert Nicholls from Australia and Diego Alonso Manrique Ortiz from Colombia won the Silver Award, while Guo Zhu Ping from China, Kris Abildgaard from Denmark, and Michael Heymans from Belgium won the Bronze Award.

During the three-day event, Kia also provided cultural experience programs to educate and inspire the participants through Kia’s brand philosophy. They visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace and Insadong, which represent the traditional beauty of Korea, as well as the Kia360, Kia’s brand experience center.

The Kia Skill World Cup is held every two years in Seoul, Korea, and invites the best Kia technicians from each participating country. Kia will continue to develop customer service capabilities through diverse employee training programs.

Source: Kia Media Center


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