Hyundai Motor Group unveils cutting-edge technology and creative campaign at Cannes Lions Festival

Hyundai Motor Group unveils cutting-edge technology and creative campaign at Cannes Lions Festival Enterprise

  • Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) hosts a technical seminar at Cannes Lions 2024 under the theme ‘From Logic to Magic: 5 Ways to Make Tech Resonate’
  • The seminar highlights Nano Cooling Film and Hyundai Motor’s recent ‘Made Cooler By Hyundai’ campaign, demonstrating its commitment to addressing social issues with advanced technology
  • Cannes Lions Festival showcases top global advertising and communication works, attracting over 13,000 participants from more than 100 countries 

Hyundai Motor Group (the Group) hosted a technical seminar entitled ‘From Logic to Magic: 5 Ways to Make Tech Resonate’ at Cannes Lions 2024 for global media and marketers. The Group is the first in the automotive industry to share its technical thought leadership in an official seminar session at the global event for creative communications.

From June 17, the five-day Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, established in 1954, showcases global advertising and communications excellence across 30 categories in almost 200 sessions. Now in its 71st year, the annual event attracts over 25,000 submissions and 13,000 participants from more than 100 countries. The official seminars and award ceremony are particularly interesting to global marketers due to the intense competition among multinational companies.

Through its seminar, the Group shared how Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation effectively communicate about its complex technologies, namely hydrogen energy, autonomous driving, robotics, advanced air mobility (AAM) and advanced materials, to tackle issues like accessibility, environmental impact, energy efficiency and traffic congestion.

The Group’s presentation emphasized advanced materials and highlighted Hyundai Motor and Kia’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, illustrating how material science supports all technology development by the Group.

The presentation highlighted Hyundai Motor and Kia’s innovative Nano Cooling Film, which is designed to reduce a vehicle interior’s temperature by up to 10°C in hot weather without darkening the glass, significantly lowering the energy consumption needed to cool the interior.

Nano Cooling Film consists of three layers. The outer layer radiates heat at mid-infrared wavelengths from the interior to the exterior of the vehicle, while the inner two layers reflect incoming heat at near-infrared wavelengths, significantly reducing the total amount of heat that reaches the vehicle interior.

In April, Hyundai Motor first rolled out Nano Cooling Film in Lahore, Pakistan, where extreme heat, air pollution and window tinting laws pose challenges. The ‘Made Cooler By Hyundai’ campaign aimed at helping locals who often face pollution exposure or high fuel costs due to excessive air conditioning usage. Despite a local tinting ban, the company equipped over 70 vehicles with Nano Cooling Film for free, along with ‘Made Cooler by Hyundai’ campaign stickers.

The campaign underscored the film’s benefits, like reduced temperatures and enhanced driving comfort, while respecting local regulations and cultural aspects. It highlighted the importance of understanding historical context, legal realities, local behavior, daily experiences and brand bravery when introducing advanced technologies.

During the seminar, the Group highlighted the campaign’s success in Pakistan and the positive feedback received. It emphasized that the campaign effectively conveyed Hyundai Motor’s brand vision of ‘Progress for Humanity.’

The seminar was attended by global media and marketing professionals who showed keen interest in the presentation. After the seminar, attendees thanked the speaker for demonstrating how technology can be used to address social issues.

Source: Kia Media Center


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